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Why the Northwest is a great place for canoeing

Canoeing was initially used for simple transportation purposes along different waterways, but nowadays it is a popular recreational or sport activity that people seeking adventure love to have a go at. Even those who are inexperienced at canoeing can try their hand at it in dedicated areas like Northwest England. This area in particular is full of amazing waterways to choose from, and allows canoeists to get the most out of the experience.

When it comes to finding the best spot for canoeing, it can be a mixture of experimentation and the level of expertise of the canoeist. One thing that is for sure is the fact that the British Isles were made for canoeing, and canoeing in the Northwest is one of the top areas for the sport.

Canoeing opportunities

One of the reasons why canoeing in the Northwest is ideal is because of the sheer number of canals and waterways to choose from. Beginners should start on easy rivers, with someone to guide and help them. They can then work their way up to the rougher waters that canoeing in this part of the country offers.

There are many opportunities for canoeing in the Northwest where both beginners can get a feel for the water and experienced canoeists can explore without instruction. Rivers vary in their calmness and are graded according to their ease at which they can be navigated. This can range from short trips on easy rivers to longer trips on more raging waters.

Northwest canoeing spots

One of the best things about canoeing in the Northwest is the opportunity for fun, and also the chance to see some of England’s most beautiful countryside. The Cheshire Ring, for example, is a canal route in the Northwest that provides canoeists with a wealth of scenery and countryside, as well as some of the more interesting Manchester city areas.

On either side of the Wirral Peninsula, the River Mersey and River Dee are both great for learners or experts. Many of these rivers do not require a licence, so water-lovers are free to canoe and explore with family and friends without a worry.

As well as the canals and rivers, the Northwest offers a beautiful coastline which provides canoeists with some interesting canoeing waters. Many of these are remote and really provide some breathtaking scenery. Coastal canoeing itself in the area is great for advanced canoeists, as it can be fun to navigate the enclosed sites.

Trying out canoeing in the Northwest

The Northwest is a brilliant location for all levels of canoeists looking for different grades of canals or rivers, and it even offers training to those who want to be more confident on the water and progress with their expertise. The area’s popularity means there are plenty of opportunities for canoeing along rivers, canals, and the coast, as well as the chance to try out new areas, all the while getting a new feel for the water and experiencing some of Britain’s most spectacular waterways and sites.