Welcome to the 2018 season

Our website will shortly be updated so that you can book and pay for your paddling online. Until then, reach us by phone, or by email at enquiries@chesterkayakhire.co.uk, where there will always be a prompt and friendly reply. See you on the river soon!

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Why do people hire kayaks and canoes rather than buy their own?

Kayaking in Chester is a great way to get fit with an upper body workout. It’s great fun too, and hitting the water could not be easier by hiring a canoe or kayak for a few hours. For families, groups of friends, school groups or as a team-building adventure, kayaking on the River Dee offers a great deal.

Olympic rise

Since the Olympics, active watersports have seen a great rise in popularity, but many have been put off by the costs of the equipment. The beauty of hiring a canoe over buying one naturally minimizes the cost which, unless you are going for gold in Rio, is probably not going to be worth it.

It is not just the kayak of choice that costs, of course; there is all the other essential equipment to pay for. For example, there is the all-important safety gear, such as the helmet and lifejacket. There are also the paddles to worry about, but it can all be hired in one handy go.

What kayak?

There are many different types of canoe and kayak to choose from, each suited for a particular style of paddler, the type of river being ridden, the course that is being tackled, and many other factors. Some are more nimble than others, requiring expert control, while others are more stable, ideal for beginners.

When looking at kayak hire along the River Dee, people know that the boats on offer will be suited to the conditions. They will also be robust enough to handle a little rough treatment and all be thoroughly tested. The expert hire teams are also on hand to give guidance.

Party with a paddle

When it comes to buying a canoe or kayak, it is really something that most people only do when they have reached a certain level of proficiency and have decided to be a little more serious about the hobby.

As a fun thing to do every now and then though, canoe hire is the way to go, which is why there is an increasing number of stag and hen parties taking to the river. A unique thing to try, it is a great way to really get the party off to a great start for the blushing bride or gentlemanly groom.

Jump in, jump out

With dazzling scenery along its meandering route, it is little wonder that so many people are now enjoying the delights of canoe hire in Cheshire. With it gently bubbling through the great English countryside and into the delightful Chester, many groups enjoy day and half-day trips.

This often allows for an afternoon or evening out in the restaurants and bars of Chester. However, it would be a little hard to do all that with a canoe strapped to your back. The beauty of hiring a canoe here is that it is just a question of jumping in, paddling to where you want to get to, and jumping out again.

Everything else is taken care of for you – you just need to keep exercising those aching muscles.