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Why Cheshire is a great place for kayaking

There is nothing quite like the buzz of paddling downstream, and there are some wonderful locations all throughout the UK to take to the water. This is certainly true when kayaking the Cheshire waterways, with a number of wonderful access points on the rivers Weaver and Dee.

Today’s kayaking in Cheshire is also perfect for paddlers of all ages and any experience and, with schools in some of the most accessible places, it is easy to get started. There are also two excellent official trails to canoe – one each on the two major rivers in the county.

With smaller tours for the less experienced and the full routes perfect for the skilled, they have great experiences for all.

Along the River Dee

The River Dee Trail is perfect for kayakers of all proficiencies, with the complete 29 kilometres being as challenging as they are scenic for those with the necessary skills. One of the constant highlights of the course is the Blue Bridge. The link between the two sides of the Duke of Westminster’s estate, it is a historic benchmark site for those kayaking this Cheshire river.

The Dee route is also perfect for those wishing to take a more gentle meander from Eccleston to Chester. Perfectly linking the two locations, the full route starts in Eccleston and winds its way down to Cheshire’s county town.

It is important to note the weir, which lies just on the approach to Chester though. For novices, this is a definite no go area. However, for those kayaking across Cheshire that have the right level of skill, shooting the weir is a thrilling and challenging ride. It is essential that all the right kit and equipment be worn though.

Other highlights of the course include the river gardens and the uniquely designed and decorated holiday homes, ‘The Huts’, as well as the wildlife and gentle current.

The River Weaver

Kayakers can also take to the water along the Weaver trail. Similar in length to the Dee route, it traverses 28 kilometres through the sprawling countryside. It also has an abundant array of wildlife to wonder at in and around the river. A particular highlight for those fortunate enough are the otters which call the Weaver home.

Another highlight of a trip down the Weaver is the impressive Anderton Boat Lift, once used for transporting salt carrying boats to the Trent and Mersey canal crossing 50 feet above. The presence of the still working Winsford Salt Mine perfectly encapsulates the working history of the canals of Britain.

With many smaller routes for less experienced kayakers, the Weaver is just one place which makes Cheshire so great for this sport. Finishing at the Runcorn Canoe Club, the trail is also put to good use by those hoping to shine as professionals in the sport.

Whilst the trails of the rivers Dee and Weaver may well offer the most accessible places to go kayaking in Cheshire, there are other great spots too. It is always best to head out in a group or with a guide though, certainly for novices. Travelled safely, Cheshire is ideal for water lovers.