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West Midlands businessman to raise cash by kayak

A man from Coventry is to become the latest adventurer to take to his kayak to raise money for charity.

Tom Bromwich is getting ready to paddle more than 100 miles from Birmingham to London, in a 36-hour challenge to raise funds for the charity Get A-Head.

An independent charity fighting cancer of the neck and head, it is a cause that Bromwich chairs and was key to creating, following his own Medullary Thyroid Cancer treatment. The third most common type of thyroid cancer, the businessman explained that his children have also had to undergo preventative treatment for the condition, adding:

“It will definitely be a personal journey for me as my children and I have all had to undergo preventative treatment for thyroid cancer and it is fantastic to have the support of my brother Ed who has had to fight through a challenge of his own.”

Bromwich and five others members of the team will journey on the water in pairs, each paddling in double kayaks along the course. A tricky route that will present a few challenges, the group will have to contest with 140 locks over the 140 mile route.

It is not quite the gentle ride those hiring a canoe for kayaking in Cheshire would be familiar with.

However, Bromwich is already approaching his target of £7,500, which, as well as £500 from his brother’s firm, will be further supported by Microsoft, with the international company matching donations.

Adding that he expects a tough journey, Bromwich hopes that his hard training will lead the team to success.