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UK kayak firm praised by PM

As part of his trade mission to China in the last few weeks, Prime Minister David Cameron singled out one company as one of the UK’s most successful exporters.

Singling out Welsh company Sea Kayaking UK for its exploits, Cameron highlighted the expanse of firms exporting from the country, saying:

“[Britain sells] tea to China, curry to India and there’s even a firm in Anglesey selling canoes to the Eskimos.”

The company, created 18 years ago, is today among the world’s leading manufacturers of kayaks. While many outdoor sportspeople take to the water on the River Dee in Chester, kayaking enthusiasts benefit from this firm’s products as far away as Greenland, where Inuits have been customers of five years.

Each week, the firm makes about 20 kayaks, with 75% of them heading to countries such as America, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and Japan.

The firm, which now employs 18 people, was created by Neil Dennis. A canoe enthusiast himself, he successfully finished the first ever circuit of Britain back in 1980.

The best place for the kayak’s made by Dennis’ firm is the sea, being designed to traditional Inuit methods. Unlike the traditional models, watertight compartments in the design of the kayaks increase their seaworthiness, allowing large coastal and internal expeditions to be attempted.

Talking about his designs, Dennis said:

“Our boats are used frequently to paddle from Anglesey to Ireland and on some of the bigger expeditions like around Australia, or Iceland.”

Dennis went on to explain that generally, his kayaks are bigger than they would traditionally be, as they cater for such a wide audience of paddlers.