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Twelve-year-old canoe star aiming for the Olympics

Just 18 months after first getting into a kayak, a girl from Barrow has navigated through rapids and already entered the top list of paddlers for her age in the country.

At an age when most people are still looking at having fun and gaining experience paddling in quiet spots, such as Chester canoeing trips with friends and family, 12-year-old Steph Dunn has already finished as runner up in a national competition.

Steph tried her hand her as a paddler for the first time on a school canoe trip, and explained to local newspaper the North West Evening Mail:

“It’s fun being sat in the boat in the water… I’d never done anything like it before, but I liked it straight away.”

Steph is also competent on flat waters, having taking seventh position in a national event in Richmond recently. However, it is on the challenging white waters where she really enjoys herself, with a win in Chester being one of her favourite results.

She explained that she enjoys the drops and features of each different river, before adding that it is all about the control that you have to put on the boat, which adds to the thrill for her.

Partly funded by the Girl Guiding Association’s UK Centenary Fund, the Girl Guides’ member of three years is now targeting the Olympics.

The Brazilian 2016 Olympics may come a little too soon for her but, with Steph aiming to try out for the GB team that year, even if she admitted that a lot of practice is needed, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is on the horizon.