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Three ways to enjoy a sunny day in Chester

With the warmer weather finally making its presence known, many people will soon be gearing up to go on day trips with their family and friends. Luckily for them, the city of Chester has a wealth of activities and venues that are well suited for sunny days.

Although you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to what you can do in and around this historic Cheshire community, hopefully the following will help you to pick out a few favourites:

Cruise the river

One of the best places to be on a hot day is near the water, with the River Dee offering a number of opportunities to relax and splash about. A number of river cruisers tour up and down this stretch of water during the warmer months, providing a pleasant sightseeing trip for families, while you may even learn a few things along the way.

For those people who like to keep active, kayaking in Chester is a great choice, as you can paddle past the city walls and under its bridges at your leisure.

Walk the walls

The centre of Chester is nearly surrounded by some of the most complete medieval walls in the UK, which make a circuit of nearly two miles. Visitors are free to walk along large stretches of the ancient fortifications, with a path leading right around the site of the old city.

As well as its many towers and gates, people walking Chester’s walls will also get a great view of the surrounding area, from the River Dee to the city’s castle. Visitors can also see the racecourse, which is Britain’s oldest still in use, and the spectacular architecture of Chester, from its famous Rows to the much photographed Eastgate clock.

Pop down to the zoo

The city is also home to the award-winning Chester Zoo, which is one of the largest wildlife attractions in the UK, as well as the most visited. The zoological gardens are home to around 12,500 creatures, which comprise about 400 species.

Perfect for a sunny day, visitors can stroll around the gardens as they view the animals, including many that are endangered. With a number of picnic areas within the zoo, as well as food outlets, it’s quite easy to spend the entire day here. If you need a brief rest, there’s also a monorail and a waterbus to get around the 110-acre zoo.

These are just a few of Chester’s attractions, and you’re sure to find many others when exploring the city on a sunny day.