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Three reasons kayaking is good for your health

For many people, kayaking seems so much fun that it hardly feels like exercising and certainly not like a full-body workout.

However, that is exactly what it is and, after spending a few hours paddling the river, your muscles will certainly let you know that they have been well used.

Any form of exercise is good of course, but some are considerably better than others, such as tennis or swimming. Both of these sports provide a full body and aerobic workout. So does kayaking, which makes it one of the healthiest activities that you can take part in.

There are a number of ways that kayaking can benefit your health and everybody will have their own reasons and ambitions. There are many benefits that everyone can get though, with these three being uppermost for many:

Kayaking tones the muscles

No matter which muscle groups you are targeting, kayaking will be able to deliver. As you’re paddling, your body is going to use nearly every muscle to haul the boat through the water. Your upper body in particular will be putting the mileage in, of course, but so too will your lower body to provide power, control and to direct the craft.

If you want to build or tone muscle on your arms and shoulders, the natural movement of a kayaker is perfect. It is also great for the legs and bum, firming up the muscles here and giving greater strength while providing a better shape.

For men and women looking to give greater definition to their chest, kayaking is ideal, as it tightens the muscle groups across the whole torso.

Kayaking fights fat

As much as kayaking can increase your general fitness, build muscle and tone the body, it can also help people looking to lose weight. No matter what shape or size you are, when paddling you will lose hundreds of calories an hour.

For example, research has shown that on average, people weighing around 9 to 10 stone will burn about 300 calories per hour in a kayak. It has also shown that larger people, weighing around 13 stone, will burn closer to 450 calories per hour.

The longer you kayak for of course, the more calories you are going to burn away.

Kayaking reduces stress

As with most other sports and outdoor pursuits, kayaking is a great way to remove stress and simply get away from it all. Providing as much a mental as a physical workout for many people, being on the water is a naturally calm habitat.

Juxtapose this with the adrenaline that is released as you paddle and stress just seems to evaporate. Having to focus on your progress helps clear the mind too, whilst being in the company of others and doing something that you truly enjoy are all key areas that fight stress.

With depression and anxiety also relieved by kayaking, getting on the river and working on your paddling, such as by taking kayak trips in the Northwest, is a fantastic way that the whole family can improve their health and wellbeing together.