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The top three places to kayak in the North West

North-western England is home to some of the most beautiful, diverse stretches of water in the UK, along with some impressive landscapes to boot. This is why kayak trips in the Northwest are such a popular choice for both new and experienced paddlers.

Here are our top five destinations for anyone who is thinking of taking a kayaking trip in the North West area of England:

The River Dee

The River Dee is a 70 mile-long river that stretches from Wales to Chester. It is possible to kayak through approximately 11-12 miles of the river between Farndon and Chester. We have chosen this river because it is fairly wide and quite easy to paddle along. There are also adequate parking and toilet facilities, as well as a number of pubs and restaurants along the waterway.

Kayak hire in Chester is also easily accessible, so even if you don’t have your own equipment you can give it a go.

Manly Mere

Also located in the Chester area, Manly Mere is a fairly small lake, which makes it ideal for newbies to the activity as they will not be overwhelmed by the challenge. There are also some handy changing rooms located on the mere for the convenience of water-sports enthusiasts.

As well as being excellent for kayaking and canoeing in Chester, Manly Mere is also home to sports facilities and an adventure trail for children.


Marple is located in the Greater Manchester area at the end of Dale Road. It is a popular body of water used by the Manchester Canoe Club, which owns and maintains the river. It is possible to kayak on this stretch of water three times a year for free, and the river is ideal for more experienced kayakers due to the rocky terrain at its end.