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The pick of Cheshire’s canoeing spots

Sometimes, there is nothing better than being on the water. One way to make it all the better though is to have a paddle in hand. If that paddle is with you in a canoe on the waterways of Cheshire, then things are clearly looking very good indeed. Today’s canoeing in Cheshire offers paddlers of all ages and any level a fantastic time.

There are many great ways to grab your paddle and start canoeing the Cheshire waterways and even greater experiences to be had. There are also two fantastic canoe trails to journey along – one on the River Weaver and the other traversing the River Dee.

River Weaver

The first of these, on the Weaver, is a 28 kilometre stretch of perfect trail. It takes in some of the county’s most magnificent sites to see from a boat. Bringing you close to an immense amount of varied wildlife, it is also not too unusual to see an otter going about its daily business, which is always a treat.

It is also an opportunity to get a different perspective on the history of the area and, most particularly, its industrial past. Canoeing on this Cheshire route brings you up close and personal with a time when the river was used more for work than pleasure.

Streaming past the old Winsford Salt Mine, many river users are surprised to learn it is still extracting its eagerly sought mineral from the banks of the river. The stockpiling of salt is still clearly visible from your canoe too.

Another excellent industrial site along the trail is the Anderton Boat Lift. Once an essential working part of the canal network, it was the link that made transporting salt along the intersecting Trent and Mersey Canal possible. Lifting boats up 50 feet to the canal soaring above, it was an impressive piece of engineering at the time, and remains so today.

Finishing at the Runcorn Canoe Club, the Weaver Valley trail is perfect for those with moderate skills. In escorted groups, small sections can also be great for novices. Meanwhile, the full route is tailor made for paddlers with plenty of stamina and energy to expend.

River Dee
Canoeing across Cheshire is also ideal for paddlers of all levels of skill on the River Dee trail. Taking in 29 kilometres along its full route, this long course is challenging. It also includes a weir shoot on the outskirts of Chester, for those with the necessary skills and experience – and the right protective equipment, of course.

However, there is far more to the Dee route too, making it perfect for everyone. With other highlights including the Blue Bridge, which links the sprawling estate of the Duke of Westminster, the river also takes in Eccleston and Chester at its upper and lower most points.

Canoeing through Cheshire on the River Dee trail also takes in delightful river gardens and The Huts holiday homes, located on open farmland. With a gentle flow and stunning wildlife along its banks, and the possibility for expert led trips and canoe hire, it is a great way to get outside and enjoy the wetter side of life.