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Teens tackle the channel in kayak

Two adventurous teens – Maia Wallace-Loizou, 13, of Enfield and Dylan Barber-May, 15, of Hackney – have undertaken a cross-channel kayaking challenge to raise funds for the outdoor organization The Leaside Trust.

The pair completed the cross-channel crossing and Maia is now officially the youngest girl to have kayaked the crossing. The teens felt they wanted to raise money after becoming regular attenders at the trust, both after school and at weekends.

Dylan and Maia explained that:

“We love Leaside. Lots of us go there to have fun and get good at outdoor sports.”

The duo undertook the challenge using an Epic V10 Double surfski kayak, which claims to have excellent ergonomics and comfort, and is equipped with bailers for both cockpits. The high-spec kayaks are manufactured with a carbon-fibre and Kevlar composite. There is also the option to close the stern and bow in flat conditions to reduce drag.

Despite having technologically advanced craft, the channel still held many challenges for the two teens. The 34km crossing is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. There are severe winds and unpredictable currents to contend with, as well as swells that can engulf a small craft and frequently rough waters.

The Leaside Trust, which is based in Hackney, is a provider of outdoor activities for disadvantaged children and children from inner-cities. Amongst those provided are kayaking, canoeing, climbing, mountain-biking and orienteering. Additionally, the trust regularly takes groups on ‘adventure’ holidays across the UK, including kayaking in Cheshire, the Lake District and Scotland.