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Teenager smashes IOM kayaking record

An 18-year-old has broken the record for time taken to circumnavigate the Isle of Man. A 115km course, the teenage canoeing star managed to complete the course in just over 13 hours.

The sea conditions were superb for Kim Tastagh’s attempt, though the wonderfully warm weather was somewhat of a bonus – for those watching in any case. However, despite the heat, Kim still managed to take his kayak around the Irish Sea island in 13 hours and 7 minutes.

When he started out, at 4:20 am, the weather was incredibly pleasant. When he rowed home at 5.27 in the evening though, things were a tad warmer.

He beat a record of just over 13 and a half hours. However, Kim fully expects the person who set that to trump him, though hopefully not just yet. Kim said:

“That was the longest 13 hours and 7 minutes of my life but a new record! I just hope George [Shaw] gives it a week before beating the new time!”

As enjoyable a sport as kayaking is, it is important that novices do not just head out into the open sea for a paddle. Kim is a very experienced kayaker, and is part of a family that owns an adventure sports centre.

However, everyone can have fun with the sport, with kayak hire and canoe hire available throughout the North West.

As well as breaking the overall ‘Round the Isle of Man’ record, Kim also became the youngest ever person to do the course solo.