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Survey shows growth in canoeing and kayaking participation

In a recent survey, canoeing was identified as the most popular boating pursuit in Britain. The participation survey of leisure and watersports surveyed 12,000 people to identify and track boating trends.

This is the 11th undertaking of the survey, which is supported financially by a group of marine based organisations, including the Royal Yachting Association, the RNLI and the British Canoe Union. The group works together annually to roll out the results of the survey, in order to promote boating and the marine industry. Additionally, the information allows for planning and development from within the industry.

The survey found that the number of people regularly canoeing has increased and there are now over one million participants. It also discovered that there was an increase in the number of homes owning a canoe or kayak, with the total number now in excess of 270,000. Canoe England is hoping to increase the number such homes to 300,000 within the next seven years.

The trend for canoeing participants has maintained at a steady level. However, the survey revealed that the number of women canoeing has increased over a 10-year period. Meanwhile, the number of canoeists who are under 34 has reduced. This contrasts with the number of older canoeists, those over 55, which has increased 100%. Of the canoeists surveyed, 69% canoe in Britain.

Canoe England is pleased with the outcomes of the survey and is hoping to build on the success it has garnered so far. The increase in popularity also bodes well for companies offering UK kayak trips, whether in Chester, Chelsea or Cheltenham.