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Solar water crossings becoming a reality

A recent technological innovation will mean that kayakers on particularly long journeys will be able to take a well-earned rest without having to stop.

This is due to the E-Kayak kit that is being offered by a company called Klepper.

With many people enjoying the sheer physical effort involved in canoe and kayak trips across Cheshire, the device brings the promise of taking it easy at times. This could give paddlers the chance to enjoy the River Dee’s scenery or take time to rest after a challenging spin through the rapids.

The E-Kayak kit can help rest up aching and burning muscles through its 12v battery-powered electric motor. This drives a lightweight carbon propeller, and it is all controlled through a digital control panel mounted inside the boat.

Complete with a rudder too, while it does detract somewhat from the sheer thrill of paddling, it does allow kayakers to take it easy, yet remain in complete control.

When it is time to take up the oars once more, the rudder can be quickly pulled up, which would make it ideal for recharging your own batteries on challenging courses and longer journeys.

When fully charged and with the sun blazing, the folding solar panel kit also has other uses.

As well as powering a canoe through the water, the device can also be used to charge a whole host of portable devices, such as phones and cameras, ensuring that the day’s canoeing challenge can be recorded in full.