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Scottish lochs top kayaking poll

The Scottish lochs have been voted the best ‘dream location’ for kayaking in Britain, in a poll of more than 500 watersport lovers.

Website Sit Ons ran the poll last month and it revealed that the total package on offer is what is most important to kayakers, rather than the water conditions.

Many of the locations making the list were somewhat of a surprise, with the results revealing that the UK is packed with top locations, from North to South and East to West.

Possibly connected to the successes of Team GB’s kayakers and canoeists in the London Olympics last year, it also seems the sport is attracting more participants. With many locations offering great starter and taster sessions, the legacy of the success at Lea Valley could be profound.

While Scotland took top spot, England also has some fantastic locations. For example, on the River Dee, kayak hire is offered by experienced operators, with packages coming complete with professional instruction and the necessary safety gear. There are also guided tours of the river; an ideal way to get to grips with the sport. Gently flowing and meandering along the 12-mile route, it acts as a day out even for those not interesting in competitive kayaking.

With Rio just three years away, it can only bode well that Britain has so many locations in which to enjoy the fast-growing sport and, amongst stunning British wildlife, such an experience could also kick start a future Olympic star’s career in kayaking or canoeing.