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Russian leader asked to Putin a paddle

Although he is unlikely to be seen canoeing in Chester any time soon, the Russian Federation’s leader, Vladimir Putin, could soon have a paddle with his signature on it.

This is certainly the hope of a climate change campaigner, who has contacted the president with such an offer.

Former British Olympic canoe coach David Train has spent the last 20 years creating unique boat paddles with teams of volunteers. Based on the design of Chinese dragon boat paddles, they are then painted, before asking people to sign their name in support of action against climate change.

The so called Paddles for Life are then sent to world leaders to be signed, with many being used as competition prizes.

A number of international names have partaken in the signature scheme, including the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

With Mr Train being inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympics, he suddenly had the idea to contact the Russian head of state, explaining:

“The Sochi Olympics made me realise that I had made a grave mistake in not including Russia in my thoughts and so, in December last year, I wrote to President Putin…”

Mr Train went on to explain that he had also asked Putin to present three of the autographed paddles at the Sochi G8 to US President Barack Obama. However, with that event now unlikely to go ahead, it is unclear how successful Mr Train’s efforts will be.

Undeterred however, and eager to get a high profile name on board, Mr Train has also contacted Roman Abramovich in his bid to have a well-known Russian sign a paddle.