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Reasons to be around the River Dee this autumn

Dave the River Dee dolphin may have vacated the cooling waters of the river for more comfortable climes now that autumn is approaching, but there is still much fun to be had. On the river and by its banks, autumn is a wonderful time of the year to explore this beautiful waterway which runs through the Cheshire hills and the city of Chester.

The appearance of Dave, or Davina as she was correctly renamed, was a fantastic sign of just how clean the river is these days, but there have been signs for some time.

Wildlife ahoy!

Over recent years, the stocks of salmon in the river have been increasing rapidly, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, otters have returned as well. Now the healthiest it has been in two decades or more, getting down by the river is a wonderful way to spot wildlife in its natural habitat.

The delight of seeing an otter in its natural environment, swimming around the banks or, enjoying a fresh salmon on the banks of the river is beyond compare. Fans of nature have a greater chance of seeing this fantastic sight at this time of year too, as mornings stay darker for longer and the nights draw in.

Picture perfect scenes

While the nights may creep in for a longer stay at this time of the year, the crisp and fresh temperatures make the early mornings wonderfully enjoyable by the river. Better still though is the light that this time of the year brings, with bright purples, blues and greens and warming oranges, reds and ochres.

This makes for perfect scene setting for any photographers out there. Whether capturing a cheeky otter and his salmon lunch, or an evocative setting across the trees and fields of the local countryside, taking memorable snaps from the banks is a joy in autumn.

To really see how the beauty of the River Dee can be captured, there is a great exhibition taking place at Chester Cathedral. Showing the lifetime works of Peter Robinson; The Living Water exhibition highlights the cathedral and its setting amidst the Shropshire Union Canal and the River Dee.

It also offers visitors the opportunity to take in some of Robinson’s other great photos. With a wealth of images from all across the local area and further afield, the body of work, which can be traced back nearly 70 years, is sure to make a wonderful autumn show.

Sample the Dee-lights

To really experience the thrill of the river though, there is no substitute for getting on in, and enjoying the feel of its power and flow. An excellent waterway for canoeing and kayaking, there are entry points at many places along the river for anyone who wants to warm themselves up as the air temperature starts to dip.

It is ideal for people of all levels with the canoe too, with kayak hire in Cheshire easy and affordable for even first timers. Whether as part of a group, in a couple or just on your own in an organised tour, the River Dee is a great venue to start a sporty autumn.