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Professional sailors need not apply for local raft race

Next month brings with it a raft of opportunities for fun and adventure on the River Dee, when the Rotary Club of Chester’s 2015 Charity Raft Race takes place.

Excitement is a certainty from the moment rafts are lowered onto the river near the Rowing Clubs, right up until the crews reach the finish line 400m downstream. It is then up to the raft captain to hand over the individual number tags to the race marshall, who will be standing safe and dry on the North bank of the river.

Spectators can encourage the intrepid raft sailors from the best vantage point possible, and River Dee canoe hires are sure to be popular on the day, with the young and old alike being able to get close to the action and cheer on their friends and family.

It’s always a joy to watch the ingenious methods the crews invent to propel their rafts towards the finish line in the fastest possible time. The crews will, however, need to be careful not to fall foul of the rules, with only rafts that are deemed safe enough and crew members having single bladed paddles being allowed to take part. As long as the raft is ship-shaped and offers at least an opportunity to reach the finish line, then anyone over the age of 16 and wearing a life jacket is able to ride.

It’s just as well that only capable swimmers are allowed to be part of the raft crews, as it’s more than likely that a few of them will end up in the river. There is no doubt plenty of entertainment to be had by taking part in or watching the raft race, but safety is paramount, as is enjoying the spectacle on Sunday, July 12.