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Paddlers sought for Scilly challenge

Novice kayakers and more experienced paddlers are being sought by a charity for an adventure around the Scilly Isles later this year.

The Marine Conservation Society is looking for a group people to join experienced kayakers to raise cash and take the chance to explore what one of the organisers has called “the Caribbean off the end of Cornwall”.

The challenge is being led by Nick and Philippa Arding, who are both experienced kayakers and have paddled Britain’s coast before. Philippa commented that the sheltered waters of the islands make it perfect for those without much experience.

Apparently, even beginners that have simply had experience of canoeing in Chester on the River Dee should be able to manage the feat. Philippa has taken beginners around the waters before, saying that there are plenty of areas where safe learning can take place.

There are 12 places on the expedition open to anyone wanting to take part, which will take to the waters in May.

Anyone interested will need to get their application in as early as possible, however, with over 60 enquiries having been made since Christmas already. Those wishing to paddle the event will have to also raise cash for the fundraiser, as well as pay their own way for food, travel, and expenses.

As well as canoeing the waters around Scilly, every paddler will be expected to help in a beach clean-up operation organised in partnership with the Scilly’s Wildlife Trust. Anyone missing out in May, however, will be delighted to know that another event is being organised for the autumn.