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Olympic kayaking course to see new approach

The second summer Youth Olympic Games gets under way later this week in Nanjing, China.

With some of the world’s best young athletes taking part, it will no doubt be another festival of sport, ambition, conquest, and desire.

This will likely be the case on the white waters of the kayak and canoe course, which will be notably different from the format seen in the full Olympic Games or the ICF World Championships.

Both the men’s and women’s slalom and flatwater events will be altered.

A total of 64 athletes will be taking to the water at the Nanjing Rowing and Canoeing School in eight events. With 34 men and 30 women taking part, competition is likely to be tough.

In most competitions, flatwater events are raced within lanes on straight courses, over a distance of between 200m and 1,000m. In Nanjing, however, the course will be a 420m figure-of-eight design with each kayaker starting at opposite sides of the course.

It is similar to how many ‘chase’ events in velodrome cycling are conducted, although only one lap is completed with the winner being he or she with the fastest time to their opponent’s starting point.

For the slalom events, there is a marked difference in the format. Gone are the artificially constructed courses with hanging gates for individual runs. Instead, competitors will race against another on a parallel and identical course, in opposite directions.

It is being seen as a bold step and something that enthusiasts for the sport kayaking in Chester on the River Dee this weekend will no doubt be looking forward to watching.