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Kayakers in daring dog rescue

An injured dog has been rescued from possible death after kayakers saw the stranded foxhound on a river bank in Wales at the weekend.

The canine, which has been nicknamed ‘Kayak’ and was treated by the veterinary surgery run by TV vet Noel Fitzpatrick in Surrey, is understood to have problems with her hind quarters.

The Fitzpatrick Referrals unit is a specialist centre for the treatment of orthopaedic surgery for animals.

Experienced kayakers Geraint Sullivan and Lee Nulty made their rescue bid after seeing Kayak on the banks of the River Swaddle. Said by Mr Nulty to be a challenging stretch of water, it is not quite the River Dee, where canoe hire is a popular excursion for many.

Fed by water from the Welsh mountains of the Brecon Beacons, Mr Nulty explained that it was most likely that the pooch had somehow fallen into the river further upstream.

With strong currents, it is unclear how far she may have been dragged along, with her injuries likely to have been received either from a fall, or from hitting debris or rocks.

However, she had somehow managed to get to the gorge along the stretch of river where she was found.

Mr Nulty said that he had to kayak about a quarter of mile to his van after they spotted the dog.

Having collected his van and driving back close to the spot where she was discovered, Lee and Geraint carried the ailing dog out of the gorge and to safety, before alerting a veterinary surgery in Llanelli where initial checks were carried out.