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Kayak couple seal romance

A kayaking boyfriend and girlfriend from the UK recently met with a surprising encounter in New Zealand waters, after an overly friendly seal jumped on board with them.

Georgia Stephens and Martin Coppins were shocked when the seal leapt on the front of their sea kayak. Taking a relaxing canoe ride off the coast of Adele Island, the couple was stunned by the finned frolicker who appeared to be more interested in catching his supper from the front of their canoe.

Talking about the moment the uninvited pescetarian hopped on board, 22-year-old Stephens said:

“I didn’t know what to do because the seal had approached me and didn’t seem scared at all.”

The trainee publisher admitted to being a little bit wary herself though, after locals had warned the holidaying couple not to get too close to the animals. They were told they could bite; but there seemed to be nothing for Stephens to worry about, as she said:

“I was quite scared but then it started to sniff around in my hair and touched my face. It also kept putting its face into the water as though it was looking for something.”

It stayed with the couple for a few moments, leaping on and off the kayak, before swimming with them for about three minutes.

With the video of the incident proving popular on YouTube, Stephens and Coppins certainly got a rare memento of their dream holiday abroad, which could be said to have put a seal on their time together.