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‘Inspirational’ kayaker misses out on record

A Cornish kayaker recently returned home following his attempt to smash a world record.

Falmouth-based Joe Leach was attempting to circumnavigating Ireland by kayak, and beat a record that presently stands at 25 days. Sadly, it took him 34 days to complete the journey of 1,000 nautical miles.

Despite the failed attempt, Leach is being hailed as an ‘inspiration’ by many for his efforts to break the record in rough conditions.

Speaking to West Briton, He said:

“I was unlucky. Eighty per cent of the time I faced strong headwinds, which meant days paddling and getting nowhere. Other days the weather was too treacherous – the waves were the size of houses. It’s a massive psychological challenge, as well as a physical one. The sea conditions test your mental strength. You have to learn good coping strategies if you want to survive and excel.”

Leach started his attempt in South Dublin, at Bray Beach, and was lucky enough to see such notable landmarks as the Skelligs on his journey. He talked to reporters about his delight in seeing the unspoiled Irish coast and the host of wildlife that lives there.

Coming short on this occasion has not put Leach off, and he fully intends to try breaking the word record again. No stranger to kayaking challenges, he completed a circumnavigation of the UK in 67 days back in 2012, and this remains a record today.

Anyone who has been inspired by Leach’s attempt will find many opportunities to go kayaking in the North West and beyond.