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Great Northwest locations for kayaking

Kayaking is a great recreational and competitive sport, both for those who are beginners and those who have advanced knowledge of the world of kayaking. Due to the fact that there are numerous waterways within Britain that make for great kayaking areas, those who like to stick their oars in are really spoilt for choice in this country. However, one of the best locations is the Northwest of England.

What makes the Northwest so special?

Kayaking is a fun sport to take part in recreationally or competitively, and many people enjoy racing. One of the top locations for kayaking is the Northwest because it has so many opportunities for exploring, furthering experience, and generally enjoying the area.

Kayaking is best enjoyed with other people, and choosing the locations together is one of the most fun parts. Northwest kayaking experiences include everything from easy canals to get the feel of the water, to rougher waters that provide more of a challenge.

Top spots for Northwest kayaking

The Northwest of England boasts 1,000 km of beautiful coastline, and waterways in the Lake District offer a great area for those looking for fun on the water. The Lake District itself has 88 bodies of water perfect for kayaking, and it is a highly popular tourist destination. Derwent Water is a great lake for kayaking activities, providing an addictive area full of rich history and beautiful countryside.

The River Dee, situated between North Wales and the Wirral Peninsula, is a beautiful body of water that begins in the Snowdonia mountains and enters the Northwest of England on the Cheshire border. It is one of the most ideal rivers for kayaking, as it winds through beautiful scenery and countryside, flowing towards the fascinating city of Chester. It is a great day out for those who are looking for more of a calm Northwest kayaking experience, as it flows easily and is surrounding by country scenes and wildlife.

Another two locations perfect for kayaking are the peak district and Manchester, where the River Goyt weaves its way through all the way to the Mersey. The Peak District has an abundance of streams and reservoirs, available for kayaking and more. Rother Valley Country Park is great fun for the family, and provides plenty of opportunities to explore the water wonderland.

Northwest kayaking opportunities come in all forms and levels, perfect for even the kayaking novice. The Lower Dee is a great place to try kayaking due to its relaxing area and unique properties. Alternatively, there are plenty of areas with a few rapids to give the experience more of a challenge.

Northwest kayaking really is an experience, and most people enjoy going back to their favourite spots time and time again to experience the area more than just once. It provides a level of relaxation and wonder, with many people taking cameras to get some footage of the wildlife they might spot on their journey. All in all, it is a fine part of England in which to enjoy kayaking.