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Four ways to get fit in Chester this summer

Many people use spring and the start of summer to get back into an exercise regime, with the people of Chester being no exception.

However, rather than the usual routine, being based in or near Cheshire’s county town can provide a number of great opportunities to get fit, with the following being just a few examples:

1. Canoeing

With the River Dee running through the city, including past Chester’s famous walls, providers of canoe or kayak hire offer a wonderful way to keep active while enjoying beautiful surroundings. Paddling through the waters in the area can not only be a cooler way to exercise in the warm weather, but you also get a great workout. From your upper body to your core, as well as vital cardiovascular strength, you will soon see the benefits to canoeing in Chester.

2. Hiking

Nestled in rural Cheshire, but also close to the Welsh border, Chester is a great place to take a walk. Once again, the city’s walls, which form an almost complete circuit of about two miles around medieval Chester, can play their part. However, how quickly you travel the walls is up to you, so a leisurely pace can be employed if you wish to enjoy the view. The city is also at the end of the Marches Way, which leads right along the Welsh borderlands to Cardiff 218 miles away, if you are up for a lengthier challenge.

3. Swimming

Always a favourite in the hot weather, swimming can also provide a number of health benefits, including improving overall endurance. However, this exercise is also a great pastime for families, and Chester has a number of indoor pools for them. If you would like to remain in the sun, however, there is the council-operated Sandy Lane Aqua Park. Although you won’t be able to swim, children can enjoy playing in the many water features.

4. Become a team player

The summer months are also an opportune time to take up a new sport or return to one that you used to play. Luckily, the Chester area has many teams that people can join, and getting fit with others is always a fun thing to do. From cricket and bowls to football, you will be sure to find something that you’ll enjoy with friends, or possibly make new ones, all while improving your overall health.