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Four attractions that show off Chester’s history

Chester is a great place to visit due to its unique surroundings and various attractions. For history buffs especially, Chester is rich with places to explore and learn about, as well as opportunities to experience some of the area’s most famous historic events.

The city still follows the old Roman pattern and is full of evidence of these times through its walls and remains. It is a great place to visit, with family, friends or on a school trip due to its wide open spaces and easily accessible attractions.

With history at every corner, so just visiting the city is an interesting experience. However, if you want to delve deeper into Chester’s past and unlock the knowledge behind the walls, underneath the ruins, and through the artefacts, these are top four places that will provide this through an unforgettable experience.

1. St John the Baptist’s Church

Dating back to the 11th Century, St John the Baptist’s Church has been through a lot of changes during its lifetime, and it has a rich history due to the range of people to have passed through the doors. It is situated on a cliff above one of the River Dee’s banks, and it is among some of Chester’s most famous Grade I listed buildings nearby. It welcomes visitors of all ages and backgrounds to experience the spiritual nature or join the faith.

This church, though ancient, has much to offer to visitors as well as local people. It still provides Chester with a place for spiritual and cultural events, such as worship or discovery, and many people find peace or wonder inside its walls.

2. Grosvenor Museum

Another listed heritage building in Chester, here is another great attraction that shows off the history of Chester and provides much to learn. It was founded in the 19th Century and has artefacts from the Roman period, many of which span across thousands of years of history, so visitors can learn about the period in the area.

This museum can help visitors easily learn about the history of Chester, as it provides stories through different media, making it suitable for memorable school trips.

3. Dewa Roman Experience

To really experience Chester’s history, the Dewa Roman Experience provides an opportunity for children and adults to interact with the past through its interactive nature. The museum stands on fortress remains, and visitors can view it for themselves and get a look at the remains underneath Chester.

This hands-on experience is especially popular with the children, as it creates a memorable trip that combines both entertainment and knowledge.

4. Stanley Palace

No historic experience is complete without a haunted building. Stanley Palace is a Tudor Grade II listed building from the 16th Century, and has had lots of owners throughout its life. Many strange happenings have been rumoured, including footsteps and whispering, which make it an attractive place to many. Said to the most haunted place in Chester, Stanley Palace is available for hire for various functions or events.