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Former SAS squaddie to hoping to get his Berings

A former officer in the SAS is getting ready to tackle one of the biggest challenges known to extreme paddlers.

Peter Bray is looking to kayak between the two largest land masses in the northern hemisphere; Alaska and Siberia. If successful in his Bering Strait challenge, the 55-year-old will set a new world record.

It is not the first time that Bray has put his paddle in the water for such a challenge, however. In 2001, he became the first to paddle solo and without sail assistance across the Atlantic. Four years later, he was part of a team in a 420-mile kayak expedition around the South Pole.

His last challenge in 2009, however, was not a success. Attempting to become the fastest to paddle from Newfoundland to the Scilly Isles, Bray got caught up in hurricane force weather forcing his bid to fail and him having to be rescued by a marine research vessel.

The latest expedition is set to get underway in July, when Bray and his team head for their Alaskan headquarters in Nome.

Serving as the starting point will be the town of Uelen on the Siberian coast. With the site having already been assessed by the team earlier in 2013, Bray said:

“It’s one of the last and most beautiful wildernesses on Earth.

“I’m looking forward it.”

When the ice melt, other weather conditions and the all-important political difficulties have been confirmed as okay, Bray will start kayaking to the Northwest U.S. state of Alaska. Sponsors to fund the bid are still being sought.