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Five great school trips in Chester

Chester, a famous city in Northern England, has many attributes that make it popular with tourists every year. From its fantastic scenery to its rich heritage, there is much to do in the city for families, couples, and school trips in particular.

What makes it a great place to bring children for educational visits is the fact that it offers a wealth of locations that combine fascination with fun. It is particularly important to sustain children’s interest for a long period of time during a school trip, and Chester is one of those places that is able to attract everyone’s attention – young or old.

1. Chester Zoo

One of the most popular places for a school to visit is the zoo, and Chester Zoo is complete with over 100 acres to explore and thousands of animals to visit. It is one of the places in Chester that can become a whole day trip, as there are facilities on site which should keep everybody happy until home time.

Chester Zoo also has special highlights throughout the year, so depending on the date of your school trip, there may be something extra to experience along with the multitude of animals and award-winning gardens.

2. Museums

For more of an educational school trip, Chester is full of museums and interesting heritage sites that can provide hours of entertainment and knowledge-building opportunities. In particular, the Cheshire Military Museum gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of the Cheshire Regiments in a highly practical environment, with hands-on experience allowing them to explore the past.

3. Kayaking

Perhaps one of the most famous attractions in Chester is the River Dee, which provides a relaxing and interesting experience. There are many opportunities to explore the river on a kayak, and even school trips can join in, as all levels of experience are allowed.

A kayaking experience along the River Dee allows people to experience the scenery that Chester has to offer, as well as learn a new practical skill.

4. Adventure opportunities

For school trips that require an outgoing approach, there are plenty of places within Chester that provide an active, fun time. Muddy Good Fun is full of tasks suitable for all ages and skill levels – whether the kids want to attack the fast-paced outdoor activities or the not so muddy tasks, there is fun to be had by all.

5. Chester Cathedral

An enchanting experience would be a trip to Chester Cathedral, which plays a very important role within the community in Chester. It is a welcoming place, and can be particularly humbling, even for younger children.

The cathedral itself actually has a specific focus on providing education to children, offering a warm welcome to any school that might want to visit and take part in the tailored workshops and activities available.

Chester boasts a beautiful atmosphere and plenty of entertainment opportunities, so it is well worth visiting on a school trip to give children a fantastic day out that includes fun and education.