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Fiona Pennie takes European K1 canoe slalom gold

Fiona Pennie is celebrating becoming the women’s European K1 canoe slalom champion, as she defeated a strong field by more than four seconds in early June.

It was a fantastic win for the Scot, who narrowly missed out on qualification for the British team in the London Olympics last year.

Talking to the press after the win, the 30-year-old was clearly delighted with her performance. Claiming she could not believe she was champion, Fiona said:

“This is my best result ever. I got the bronze last year and there’s been silver at the Worlds (World Championships) back in 2006, but this is my first title win, so I’m very, very pleased.”

Fiona went on to explain that she had kept up with the paddling over the last nine months, despite the disappointment of missing out on London. Revealing how the support from her friends was key to her success, she continued:

“After last season everybody said to me it will come to you, you’ve just got to wait, put in the hard work and it will come and sure enough it seems to have happened.”

Fiona clearly received the same sort of advice that novice canoeists and kayakers across the UK get from their instructors. With the British teams now seeing more success, schools all across the country are seeing more people join their ranks.

From canoeing in the Northwest, to kayaking in the Southeast, there is so much going on in this exciting sport and Fiona’s success could be a sign of many more glorious moments to come.