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Father kayaks 150 miles to raise money

A dad from Billingham in County Durham recently embarked on an arduous kayak journey in order to raise funds for a child suffering from a rare condition.

Gav Dawson decided to make the 150-mile expedition after hearing about the plight of Nell Ramsay, a two-year-old girl who suffers from Rett Syndrome. He said that thoughts of Nell and her family will be the only thing keeping him going on the tough journey.

Despite the fact both Dawson and Nell live in the same town, the two are strangers. However, that did not stop the man from jumping in his kayak to raise much needed funds for the girl. Her incurable illness affects her brain and is contracted by approximately one in every 10,000 girls.

Nell’s parents, Deb Henderson and Adam Ramsay, started raising the money to buy a Tobii Eye Gaze for their daughter. This was in order to enable her to communicate, play and learn using only her eyes. They also wanted to create a sensory room at their home. After hearing of the family’s plight, Dawson, who has two children of his own, felt drawn to help in their endeavour.

He set off on his trip from Hawes to Hull on Monday, April 27th, with the journey scheduled to have him travelling along three rivers in his kayak, which he has named ‘Katie’, stopping to camp when necessary.

Anyone who has been inspired by his fundraising efforts may find a kayak hire in Chester useful in enabling them to take on a similar journey for a charity of their choice.