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Ex-Navy amputee to attempt kayaking record

A former Royal Navy seaman is to attempt a circumnavigation of the UK, in a bid to raise £50,000 in support of the organisation that aided him through the amputation of his leg.

Richard Hunt will kayak the 2,300 mile course to raise funds for the British Limbless Ex-Serviceman’s Association (BLESMA) in April.

The 43-year-old lost his leg at the age of 18, following an accident whilst playing sport. Despite surgeons trying to save his leg in a series of 21 operations, the team was eventually forced to amputate.

Hunt feels it was only with the support of BLESMA that he managed to cope. The father of two said:

“When you lose a limb it’s very easy to sit back and let other people do things for you. You lose your get up and go.

“BLESMA helps you to do things for yourself and as well as setting yourself goals.”

With his get up and go clearly in evidence, Hunt is now giving back. By completing ‘The Great Paddle Round’, he feels he has found the perfect way to do that.

He will also break a number of records if his attempt is successful, as such a venture has never been completed by an amputee before. The ex-university lecturer will also break Helen Skelton’s world record for the longest solo kayak journey. In 2012, the ex-Blue Peter presenter paddled her way 2,000 miles down the Amazon River.

Hunt will also be using a ‘sit-on-top’ kayak, leaving him exposed to everything the British coastal weather has to throw at him.

It’s all a little different from gently kayaking in Cheshire on the River Dee.