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David Florence celebrates another canoe title

David Florence paddled to victory at the White Water Centre in London, winning gold in the C1 category by a margin of 0.04 seconds.

The Edinburgh canoeist narrowly beat Slovenian competitor Benjamin Savesk, with fellow Brit Ryan Westley taking third place and a bronze medal.

The 33-year-old’s victory on Sunday 20th September more than made up for his failure to secure a medal in the C2 category, along with his partner Richard Hounslow on Saturday, when they took fifth place.

Florence is a two-time Olympic silver medallist who has previously won C1 and C2 world titles during the World Championships in Prague back in 2015.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Florence said:

“That was more like it. I was really pleased just to get to the final again as it is always a fight to get there, but once you get there that’s your chance to deliver. I got into some real trouble to be honest around gates five, six and seven and lost a bit of an edge, tried to recover it and didn’t quite manage.

“I thought I had recovered it, but was pushing the wrong way and eventually got back on line and just had to try and re-focus.”

Fellow Brit Westley’s bronze medal win was also a much needed boost as he was the slowest of the eight finalists to qualify.

Anyone who has been inspired by the Brits’ success will find many opportunities to go canoeing in the North West and many other destinations around Britain.