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Daredevil chutes the rapids on a kayak

An experienced kayaker has completed a daring challenge, by paddling his way down a drainage ditch. As part of a feat that should likely carry the ‘do not try this at home’ tag, the Canadian daredevil took the crazy ride in British Colombia.

Kayakers the world over are used to getting their adrenaline fixes from more regular white water; with the weir on the River Dee ideal for those kayaking in Chester, for example.

This was something altogether a little different though, as Ben Marr strapped on a camera and took the Lions Bay Slide. Hurtling at speeds of over 35mph, the 27-year-old came out of the huge manmade storm drain with a definite splash.

Explaining that he was constantly battling with the power of the water to maintain the balance of his kayak, Marr said:

“It really is super fun, out-of-control tobogganing.”

He was also adamant that he was never in danger, though it is clearly something that only experienced canoeists should attempt. Marr explained:

“Daredevils are often looked at as reckless. We would prefer people saw us as calculated.

There are very real risks with everything we do… we have a lot of experience behind us that gives us the ability to make the decisions we do.”

Marr kayaks professionally and, while the chute is not intimidating to others, he is confident that inexperienced paddlers will not try the same thing.

A video of the ride is on Marr’s Facebook page, having been viewed and shared well over a million times.