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Cork sees the fun side of flooding

With more wet weather forecast for the coming days and the River Thames bursting its banks, Britain and Ireland are still coping with the rougher elements of the weather. However, some people are making the best of things.

That was certainly the case in Cork, Ireland with members of local kayaking and canoeing clubs taking the opportunity to paddle where they seldom get the chance – along the high street.

Badly flooded last week, the city streets were turned into veritable rivers, seeing many paddlers have fun and complete some basic chores. One man, for example, was seen heading to the cash point in his canoe.

Upon seeing the picture posted socially, TV presenter Gabby Logan aptly said:

“’Unreal in Cork last night’ this man has waited all his life to canoe to the cash point”

With abandoned cars, potentially broken and displaced street furniture and the possibility of open storm drains, many will see such episodes as dangerous. However, all canoeists out on the water were experienced, having had club training.

Able to recognise the risks, all were adequately attired in safety helmets, waterproofs, and life vests too.

Across the Irish Sea, many southern counties have also been underwater and again, many have been able to take a lighter look at things.

In Yalding, in Kent, for example, a number of local shops have jokingly started advertising kayak hire.

With many clubs for kayaking, from the Northwest to the Southeast, enjoying great conditions on their rivers though, hiring equipment and having professional lessons there might be the best way forward.