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Chester – a city of both fun and education

Chester is a significant city within England due to its range of attractive features, which prove to be popular with tourists every year. Its rich history also proves to be a huge part of tourist interest, as well as being a great source of education for children. It has all sorts of hidden knowledge, which means there is fun to be had finding out more about the unique area; whether it’s through an explorative walk around the city walls, or through kayaking in the River Dee.

A brief history

Chester was founded by the Romans in the 70s AD, but it was originally called ‘Deva Victrix’, which could have been taken from the British name for river or the goddess Dee. The city lies directly on the River Dee, which shows that its Roman roots are still present in some form or other in the modern day.

It is interesting to know that Chester had a part to play in the Industrial Revolution. Children learning about the 18th century in Chester will be able to see how this has affected modern day Chester, making it that much more real when it is so close to home.

Local landmarks

Landmarks can be both a source of education and fun within Chester, and the city does have rather a lot of them. Some of the most unusual landmarks are the city walls, the architecture, and the Rows. History lovers should know that the walls are the most complete city walls in Britain, encircling the medieval city.

One of the most prominent surviving parts of the medieval city is Chester Castle, which is fun to explore and learn about during the secret tours that happen three times per week.

Fun for everyone

One of the best things about Chester is the range of activities it offers for people of all ages. While the history side offers plenty to learn, an altogether different experience in Chester is to go kayaking along the River Dee and noticing significant sites at a relaxing pace. Kids always enjoy navigating the river, which runs along the south of the city where it carries on into Wales, learning about the area as they go along.

Kayaking is a learning experience within itself, and incorporates learning a new skill with having fun. Many people who kayak in Chester come back again and again in order to increase their skills and enjoy the experience more than once.

Other popular reasons why people visit Chester include a visit to Chester Zoo or one of its many picturesque parks. The city allows people of all ages to find fun and educational days out, even incorporating the two to show kids just how much fun learning can be.

Chester is an ideal place to plan family visits or school trips, as it has many attractive features and locations to its name, particularly the River Dee, which is a source of entertainment and skill building for everyone.