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Cheshire canoeists do well in European marathon

Four Chester paddlers have made a splash during a major continental canoe event.

A very popular sport in the Northwest, canoeing has many rising stars in Cheshire. This includes David Hatton, Jenny Swallow, Richard Rodgers, and Melvin Swallow, who are all members of Chester Canoe Club. These four made waves when they competed in the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon recently, which consists of a rather challenging course of lakes and canals.

Hatton and Ms Swallow both did exceedingly well, finishing seventh in their respective races, the Junior Men’s and the Women’s Senior. Hatton did so with a time of 1:06:08, with Ms Swallow finishing in 1:09:49.

Mr Swallow, Jenny’s father, finished the marathon in 19th place in the 23km canoe race, completing the course in 1:57:04, whilst Rodgers was close behind him in 21st place with a time of 1:59:21.

Hatton and Ms Swallow also later took part in the Great Britain Marathon Team Assessment Races, which took place in Embridge. The latter paddled her way to fourth place in her field, whilst the former finished tenth in his.

Meanwhile, Mr Swallow and Rodgers, who are senior paddlers, both entered the Sprint Masters National Championships, which was held in Nottingham. Rodgers did very well, taking the silver medal in the 1,000m men’s over-35s race, whilst Mr Swallow was awarded the bronze in the 1,000m over-55 men’s race.

These wins were not the only positive news for the Chester Canoe Club, as one of its members, Colin Cartwright, was recently selected to represent Great Britain at single kayak, double canoe, and single canoe this summer.