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Charity group kayaks the Cheshire ring

A group representing a charity based in Middlewich has raised cash for its local fund by kayaking the Cheshire ring. Completing the course in an impressive 26 hours, the good weather enjoyed by the team helped with the challenge.

The Middlewich Round Table, a group made up of men between the ages of 18 and 45, is a local charity that raises the profile and cash for a number of groups.

Covering the near 100-mile route was just the sort of challenge the group is used to. However, one member in particular was clear about the toughness of the challenge. Paddler Andrew Coe said:

“It was a very challenging weekend but they were lucky enough to have good weather with temperatures reaching 22°C.”

Coe went on to say that over the 97-mile course, there were many sore backs and sore arms. With over 90 locks to navigate, that is hardly a surprise.

For their challenge the group took it in turns in the canoe, being swapped in and out by other members thanks to a support van ferrying them between points.

With no members of the group falling in the river either, the clockwise attempt, which raised over £200, seems to have been a great success.

Thankfully for the novice kayaker, paddling in the River Dee does not have to be this gruelling. When not being pressured by fundraising and record setting, many people paddle happily around much of the route, with kayak hire in Chester always popular.