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Celebrity couple enjoy canoe adventure

Celebs Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, who are due to get married later this year, have enjoyed a canoeing trip while on a sun-soaked holiday.

The couple, famous for their appearances on reality TV shows, were vacationing in St. Vincent in the Caribbean as they headed off on a rapid ride.

However, quite apart from a relaxing trip canoeing in Cheshire on the River Dee, Wright ensured that he would live up to his self-confessed ‘wind-up’ status. He took the opportunity to scare his fiancée witless, capturing pictures of the moments.

Heading out onto the sea around their picturesque holiday island location, Wright decided to start tipping the canoe, despite Keegan admitting that she was ‘terrified’ of open water.

He continued to rock the boat as they approached some caves, uploading snaps of the moment that his partner lost her cool.

Showing little concern for his future wife, Wright told his Instagram fans that he could not resist putting her fears to the test. He captioned one of the images of the pair, which featured Keegan clearly concerned that she was going to take a dip:

“Hahaha @michkeegan terrified of the sea and being the wind up I am, I just HAD TO DO IT!! #iloveit #windup”

Another picture showed Keegan launching a tirade of insults at her laughing husband-in-waiting.

However, later pictures of the pair enjoying a relaxing drink on the beach showed that the moment had been more mirth than mire for both and, like most canoeing trips, had led to a memorable experience.