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Canoe takes starring role in car ad campaign

Urban canoeing could see a boost following a new Mitsubishi advert.

There are many people that enjoy canoe and kayak hire in the northwest at the weekend, whether with the family or on a team building exercise with colleagues. However, far fewer people take to the road to canoe.

More people could be considering heading out to experience ‘urban canoeing’, however, after the extreme sport is being showcased in the latest advertising campaign for Mitsubishi.

The campaign, to drive sales of the manufacturer’s new ASX model, is being featured across numerous media outlet, including on television, online, and in the national press.

Named as the ‘Adventure Advanced’ campaign, it has been designed to showcase the agility of the new car, a virtue of canoes that many a paddler will be familiar with.

The TV advert features the ASX being driven in pursuit of two urban canoeists around Barcelona city centre. Said to deliver “impact” and to stand out from the crowd of advertising for crossover vehicles, Mitsubishi is hoping it will help with their plans to grow the brand.

The managing director of a Cardiff-based Mitsubishi dealership said it is not about making the car look glamorous, but delivering adventure.

Naturally, the sheer adrenaline rush that comes from paddling a canoe down a flowing river fails to really come across on screen.

However, with the use of camera-trickery, special effects, helmet cameras, and the skill of the expert kayakers, the advertisers and the motor company hope to have created an advert that is “truly immersive”.