Welcome to the 2018 season

Our website will shortly be updated so that you can book and pay for your paddling online. Until then, reach us by phone, or by email at enquiries@chesterkayakhire.co.uk, where there will always be a prompt and friendly reply. See you on the river soon!

Tel: 01244 422007

Canoe or Kayak?

What’s the difference, and which boat is best for me?

Sit On Top Kayak

Kayak paddles have a blade at each end. We use Sit-On-Top (SOT) kayaks, which means that you are not enclosed in a cockpit. This is a safe kayak for beginners as you cannot get stuck inside if you capsize – you simply fall off!

We have single SOT kayaks and double SOT kayaks available.  But what’s the difference? (more…)

Canadian Canoe

A canadian canoe is paddled with a single bladed paddle by 1 or 2 people.

They are open top boats, and have a greater carrying capacity than a kayak; our canadian canoes can take up to 2 adults, and 1 child, and still have extra room for expedition gear.

You are more likely to stay dry in a canadian canoe, as they have (more…)