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Canoe crazy pupil invites Olympic canoeist to school

A pupil in her final year of high school, Helena Stone, has done her bit to help the Olympic legacy and managed to persuade Olympic canoeist Lizzie Neave to visit her school earlier this month.

An enthusiastic and regular canoeist, Helena made sure she attended all the canoe slalom events during last year’s Olympic Games. Following the event, she began an email campaign to meet her canoeing idols and, resultantly, accepted an invitation to meet some of them during the British open championship, which took place in October 2012.

It was during the canoe slalom open championship that Helena first spoke to Neave. Despite the nerves expected when meeting an idol, Helena made the bold move of inviting her to talk at her school, with the hope of encouraging pupils to aspire towards their goals, whether they be canoe based or otherwise.

No matter what goals Helena’s peers may have, she is clear in her own and explains:

“I really want to canoe full-time like Lizzie when I leave school, she has been so inspirational to me.”

Lizzie Neave was happy to be given the opportunity to try and encourage the pupils to try canoeing or kayaking. The team GB star said:

“Participation levels in canoeing haven’t been great since the Olympics – it’s the wrong time of year to get people interested in a sport where you get wet and cold. But now the summer is coming there will be a big push to get people interested in canoeing.”

There are many opportunities for youngsters to try canoeing, with canoe and kayak hire available throughout the country.