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Brummie entrepreneur kayaks to work

Commuting to the office by water may not be a completely new concept, particularly for those working on the banks of the Thames, but an internet entrepreneur in Birmingham has come up with a truly oar-inspiring way to travel to and from walk – by kayaking.

Taking advantage of the city’s large canal network, 23-year-old Mike Bandar starting paddling the two miles from his home to his office last month. With the journey taking just 40 minutes, he says:

“Every morning other people heading off to work have a good laugh at me as I walk down the street [to the canal] with my kayak under my arm.”

Bandar uses the time to switch off, which is something many paddlers will appreciate.

Most are unlikely to see it as a preferable form of morning travel though, with kayaking in Cheshire, for example, far more suited to pure leisure.

Bandar is not most people though, as he explained:

“I live by challenging myself to do something new each and every month for 30 days,

“This ranges from 30 days of mediation, to eating meat – despite me being a veggie.”

Recent good weather has certainly made the task more enjoyable for Bandar, although whether he will continue his efforts in just a pair of suit trousers and shirt as the weather draws in remains to be seen.

However, with good waterproofs on, kayaking in all weathers is always fun – particularly when with a group of friends and like-minded people.